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Oh, nuthin’. Jus’ openin’ my fresh container of sugar gliders.

at first i thought “oh that’s awful to jam them all inside like that”

and then i saw the hole in the side

like they had cut up the tub to make a little playhouse for the gliders

and these little butts just all decided to smoosh in there at once

because sugar gliders can’t take turns aparently

Yup. Sugar gliders like to sleep squished in a big cuddlepile. That’s how they do it in the wild, snuggled in treetrunk burrows.

It’s seriously adorable.








Whilst in Sydney in 1994, a man apparently tries to assassinate Prince Charles. And not a single fuck was given by His Royal Highness.


I’m dead at his face in the last one like “Did you even try?”

And then when he gets pushed he’s like “Wait no let him try!”

But where did the bullets go? He doesn’t seem to have hit any bystanders either. Did he shoot straight up in the air? Did he shoot the floor twice? What the hell?

New South Wales premier was about to take one for the team.


If your mother is shitty, I will be your mother. I’m not even kidding. I will give you hugs when you are sad and if your s.o is being shitty I will beat them up for you. Your mum reacted shitty to you coming out? I will be proud of you in her place. Holy shit, bad mothers make me so sad. I will be the mother to every sad kid in the world. Mothers are supposed to be as soft as clouds and as strong as a hurricane, not mean. My maternal instincts are so fucking strong. Let me love you

I moved in with my dad when I was 12. My mom cried because I had “betrayed” her and said that I should feel guilty about it. She then proceeded to get progressively drunk, and I moved in with my dad the next day. At Christmas when I was 14, my mom tried to kill herself, and my half brother found her and called an ambulance. He’s still fucked up about it. When me and my sister went to visit her in hospital afterwords, she told us to our faces that it was because we were terrible children. When I was 16, and I wouldn’t believe how my step-mom was being harassed by her for “stealing her family” I called my mom and she called the only woman who has ever been a mother to me a whore and a fucking bitch. When I came out to my step-mom two years ago about being trans, she said she was happy that I had finally accepted who I was, and that it hurt to see me go at war with myself for so long. My real mom still doesn’t know. Last year, my step-mom died of Cancer. The only woman who’s ever been a real mother to me. I haven’t spoken to my real mom in 6 years.

Moms are supposed to be the very wisest, most strong, and most loving of all your family members. I was blessed to have one even for such a short period of time in my life. I both know what it’s like to have a terrible mother, a wonderful mother, and now no mother at all.

To those people who have also lost mothers, your maternal friends are like a godsend. To the people who support you when family dosent, your worth your weight in gold. To the pets you hold close and treat as more family then your real family, They are more loving then understanding then anyone could ever be.

We find a lot of supplements for absent and dreadful mothers. And for those of you who know what this loss in your life is, I feel for you  in more ways then I can say. I hope you have that maternal friend, that loving pet, or even another family member who’s more motherly then the one who brought you into this world. If there’s anything I’ve learned in life, Its this;

Having a child makes you a mother to a child, but it doesn’t make you a mom. 

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